Peggy became a helicopter pilot in 2001 and worked with such acclaimed directors as Oliver Stone, Shekhar Kapur, Michael Bay, Antoine Fuqua, Paul W.S. Anderson, Peter Berg, Alexander Paul as an aerial ground coordinator. She has an extensive knowledge in finding any aerial solutions wherever in the world that will suit the best the production companies. She now lives in Los Angeles and works as a stunt helicopter coordinator and aerial ground coordinator for movies and commercials. Peggy started her career in Morocco where she created the First Civil Helicopter Company specializing in aerial filming.


The Host (New Mexico)

Now you see me (New York and Las Vegas)

Wrath of the titans (Patagonia, Chile)

Elysium (Mexico city)

Jack and Jill (Los Angeles)

Colombiana (Mexico City)

Battleship (Hawaii)

Rise of the Apes (Canada)

Fast Five (Puerto Rico)

The Next Three days (Pittsburgh)

The A-Team (Canada)

Clash of the Titans (Spain, UK)

Inception (Japan)

The Expendables – Brazil

Wolverine (New Orleans crew)

Couples Retreat (Tahiti)

2012 (Canada, Los Angeles)

Transformers 2 (Middle East)

Imagine That (Denver)

Love Happens (Seattle)

The Fast and the Furious 4 (Los Angeles)

Eagle Eye (Los Angeles)

Death Race (Montreal)

Largo Winch (Hong Kong)

Jumper (Tokyo)

Big City (Calgary)

The Golden Compass (Switzerland)

The Kingdom (Arizona)

Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer (Vancouver, Los Angeles)

Shooter (Brittish Columbia)

Gridiron Gang (Los Angeles)

Ride Around the World (Texas)

X-Men The Last Stand (Calgary)

Flyboys (UK)

Wired to Win (France)

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (USA)

The Island (Italy)

Alexander (Morocco)

A Very Long Engagement (France)

L’Enquete Corse (Corse)

Exorcist: The Beginning (Morocco)

San Antonio (UK)

The Transporter (France)

The Four Feathers (Morocco)

Le Raid (Venezuela, France)

Asterix et Obelix – Cleopatre (Morocco)